December 2017 - January 9th 2018

WALK DONT WALK Works by Todd Lim December 2017 – January 9th, 2018 WALK DONT WALK serves as inspiration for conversation and change, exploring significant issues of our time. It…

Graduated August 2019

Looking again and again at materials, I’m often trying the new, enjoying discovery, enjoying accidents.

Michelle Drummond A self-taught mixed media artist, Michelle Drummond came to the US at the age of 19 to face an unfamiliar environment and culture. Although technically inclined, she pursued…

Mixed Media Painter

Minimalist, pop art style photography and prints.

Amanda Perna

Clothing and Textile Design. Small batch lifestyle brand for maximalists.

Nicole Galluccio

Floral and fruit inspired accessories, decor and prints.

Graduated April 2022

Tommaso Fattovich Tommaso Fattovich is an abstract painter who deploys the Surrealist strategy of automatism to create raw, layered, emotive works that convey feelings of desolation and decay. Fattovich describes…

Studio 12

Amanda Perna Amanda Perna is a mom, wife, sought-after creative, fashion expert, and entrepreneur with a mission to spread sunshine wherever she goes and remind everyone that life is too…

Graduated March 2022

Award winning artist Agata Ren graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, Dusseldorf, Germany.