Samuel Spear Jr.

January 18th – March 5th, 2021

When one looks forward you can see to boundaries and sometimes beyond. When one looks in a mirror, we see ourselves and what is behind us. However, when one looks through glass, depending on lighting conditions, one is able to see a combination of the infinite and reflection.

This combination gives one a sense of disorientation and distortion – not being able to place images or objects in front or behind. in addition, because of the multiple layers of light(s) and space(s) one is motivated to look closer and discover images, on a variety of levels and depths, encouraging revelations and reflections.

This project was begun during my travels several years ago with additions as I encountered them. All the images are as photographed, with minor post-production adjustments, however with no added or deleted elements. If one looks closely, frequently my reflection can be observed in the photo. as I could not move out of the scene.


Samuel Spear, Jr. is a former New York based computer consultant who first picked up a camera in the early 1970s. “For many years, as soon as I saved enough, I bought a plane ticket going somewhere,” he said, describing his first love — travel. Over time, the travel and the many photographs taken with each trip evolved from tourist taking pictures to full-fledged street photographer. Now, retired and living in Delray Beach, Fla., with his wife, Kenya, and their dog, Saint, Sam fully embraces life as “… an amateur street photographer.”

Thanks to COVID-19, Spear’s trips to far-flung destinations is limited. However, he remains active in the Delray Beach’s arts community and has exhibited photographs from China, Cuba, Ghana, the United States and other parts of the world at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, the Arts Garage in Delray Beach, and other galleries and exhibition spaces throughout South Florida. Besides, his travelogue, “So Much to See, So Little Time,” Spear’s work has recently appeared in Black + White Photography Magazine.

Find him on Instagram @silkmainroad