Arts Warehouse offers a unique venue and event space for photo shoots, weddings, presentations, meetings, birthday parties and other special events small or large. The ability to explore our expansive 15,000 square-foot renovated warehouse building provides the perfect unique experience for your guests, whom can mingle and discover one-of-a-kind works by local artists.

Rental Procedure

Thinking about hosting your event with Arts Warehouse? Below are several rental spaces which include details about rates, fees, and available equipment. You can also download a PDF copy of our Rentals and Fees by clicking here. After reviewing all rental options and event policies, you must submit a Rental Inquiry Form via the button below. The form is completely online, so prospective renters will be able to upload all event information and click the submit button when completed. Arts Warehouse will then contact you to set up an appointment to discuss the rental logistics. After the meeting, a rental agreement and invoice will be sent via Square. You will need to pay the deposit and return the signed agreement form before the date of your event. Deadlines for invoices vary depending on each event.


*Arts Warehouse does not have the authority to waive/change fees for use of the facility.

White Box Space

Resident Rate Per Hour | Weekday $225 | Weekend $275
Non-Resident Per Hour | Weekday $325 | Weekend $375
2 hour minimum required

200 (Banquet)
250 (standing/theater)

Use of kitchen during event

The White Box has 21-foot ceilings, a hint of natural light and industrial lighting that dims. The room can quickly transform from a large open space for a filming/photo shoot to event space! Please be advised the arrangement of exhibition or space set up will determine capacity. No artwork will be removed, covered or reconfigured to accommodate rental.

Meeting Room

Resident Rate | $60 per hour during business hours
Non-Resident | $80 per hour during business hours
After Hours | $400 up to 4 hours $75 each additional hour

12-14 (conference style)

Conference table and chairs, whiteboard, and sideboard

An inviting space that brings in like-minded people, an open design and welcoming environment encourages conversation and discussion. The conference style set up is equipped with acoustic ceiling panels to reduce airborne noise and improve the sound quality by absorbing sound waves and eliminating echoes. The room is a flexible and functional space that gives meetings, talks, podcasts, and/or collaborative projects a place to become reality.


Resident Rate Per Hour | Weekday $75 | Weekend $100
Non-Resident Per Hour | Weekday $100 | Weekend $125
2 hour minimum required | Evening Rentals only

Capacity (exhibit may determine capacity)
75 (standing)
50 (seated)

The exhibition space focus primarily on contemporary art to promote and provide exposure for local, national and international artists. The gallery is free and open to the public during business hours. The space is available for meetings, talks and events. It is not available for exhibition rentals. Artists interested in exhibition should apply via our Exhibition/Gallery Program submission form online or during one of our ‘call to artist’ shows. No artwork will be removed, covered or reconfigured to accommodate rental.


Resident Rate | $30 per hour
Non-Resident | $40 per hour
Kitchen is included with White Box Space

200 lb capacity ice machine
Single door freezer
Double door refrigerator
Countertop prep area
Rolling prep table/may be used as a bar

The space allows for flexibility in set up and the ability for multiple people to move freely in the space. Food may be catered or brought in by renters; Arts Warehouse staff will provide users a tour and runthrough of the space prior to usage. Please note Arts Warehouse equipment and serving ware is not for use.

Wet | Dry Studios

Resident Rate Per Hour | Weekday $75 | Weekend $100
Non-Resident Per Hour | Weekday $100 | Weekend $125
2 hour minimum required

Wet Studio 8-10 (6 if using easels)
Dry Studio 8-10 (seated at stools and tables)

Wet Studio | 6 easels and stools, 1 demo table and sink, white board
Dry Studio | 5 stand up tables, 10 stools, white board

The studio spaces that encourages creativity; there’s plenty of room to spread out and work on projects with plenty of natural light. These spaces are great to hold workshops or meetings.



Security Deposit
$500 | Gallery/White Box
$100 | All other spaces rented separately
Event/Rental Insurance (requirements are listed in contract)
Alcohol Permit (this may be required please check with Arts
Warehouse Staff)

After hours | $25 per staff person
Arts Warehouse determines staffing needs
Holidays | Additional $75 per hour
Holidays are pending staff availability

11 Rectangular Tables (6ft.) (Seats 4-6) $2 each
21 Round Tables (6ft.) (Seats 8-10) $2 each
250 Banquet Chairs $1 each
Scissor Lift $100 per event must be qualified
Projector $50 per event
*Cleaning $150

Parking Services
Set up/Clean Up
* Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter if a cleaning fee is not
included. A portion of the security deposit may be kept in the event the
space is not properly cleaned

All event rentals require insurance that must be submitted with each rental contract. If you do not have an insurance provider, Tulip is a provider we recommend. Click the button below to register after submitting a rental inquiry form.


Tulip Event Insurance Venue Information

Venue ID Code: 0501 – CT5

FL – Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
20 North Swinton Avenue
Delray Beach , FL 33444