At Arts Warehouse, we are focused on bringing attention to the value of process and techniques in contemporary artwork. Our exchange program is intended to give artists the opportunity to generate new work and to buckle down on professional development. Generally, we are interested in artists whose work demonstrates a strong relationship between craft and content. We want to facilitate your growth and development and share what you’re doing within the Arts Warehouse and our growing Arts community.

Are you an artist interested in a two-week Residency in one of our Warehouse Studios?

We offer residencies to artists in exchange for teaching two public workshop and allowing the public to see you in action during our business hours. If accepted, you will have 24-hour access to the studio, website presence on our website, and opportunity to display your work at Arts Warehouse at some point during, or after the Residency Exchange period.

If you are interested in a residency/workshop exchange, complete the online application via JotForm. Before applying, we recommend that you look over our website, exhibitions past, present and current and the studios that we use for residency as it will give you an idea of what’s possible in our space; please note we can make some rearrangements to the studios. We offer a limited number of residencies each year.


The form will include the following:

  • Your contact information (phone, website etc.)
  • A short bio (just a few sentences)
  • Letter of interest for the program, detailing what you will be working on for the exchange time
  • 5-10 images of your work, labeled
  • Your availability / preferred residency dates
  • A brief description of your workshop(s) (150 words or less)
  • Length of workshop… 2, 4, 6 hours? A full weekend?
  • Intended Audience… kids, teens, adults or all ages?
  • Images… Something that shows work and/or process shots related to your workshop

Feel free to send more than one workshop idea!


December 9th – December 23rd, 2021

          Quimetta Perle’s residency exchange began December 9th through December 23rd, 2021. Visitors were welcome to view her studio practice and engage with the artist during…

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July 15th - November 15th, 2021

          Dana Donaty utilized Studio 14 for a mural restoration project brought to her by the Delray Camera Shop. Panels from the “Observations” mural were painted and…

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June 12th – June 26th, 2019

            Jessie Laura is a mixed media artist and art director living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.…

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May 13th – May 27th , 2019

          Jeanne Jaffe is a multi-disciplinary artist who is Professor Emeritus in Multi-disciplinary Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, a visiting artist/professor at…

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