Arts Warehouse welcomes a committed group of volunteers to fill a variety of positions as needed and to participate in a wide range of activities and events vital to the successful operation of the gallery. Arts Warehouse volunteers will be required to present a professional demeanor, welcome visitors warmly, and be comfortable answering basic questions about Arts Warehouse’s Events, Programs, Exhibitions, and Artists. Volunteers will be expected to get to know the staff members’ responsibilities, so that more in-depth visitor questions can be referred correctly. Training is made available when needed.

Traffic through the Warehouse can vary — some days are extremely busy, other days are very quiet. During slow days, volunteers must keep themselves entertained in ways that do not disrupt the ongoing duties of the staff. For example: reviewing our website, reading about our programs and artists or even working on their own small projects as assigned by staff.

Call us or email with any questions about becoming a volunteer.


**All volunteers/applicants must be a minimum 18 years of age or older. The CRA may recruit supervised groups with members that are not 18 years of age for special events.


Volunteers help staff with the information/registration desk at the facility. These volunteers are the front line of service when visitors come in. They are expected to greet guests and provide information about the facility, give tours, and perform various administrative tasks as needed. Arts Warehouse will depend on the guest service volunteers to facilitate a positive visitor experience.

*Should be available for at least one shift during the week. Shifts are 3 hours each. 

These Volunteers assist with programs and events ranging from set up/break down to greeting and more. Volunteering for programs and events is an excellent opportunity for those who want to volunteer but cannot commit to a regular shift. Participation is on an as-needed basis. Please check with Arts Warehouse staff or the website for upcoming programs, events, and staffing needs. Times vary.

Volunteers will work with the Arts Warehouse staff to plan and execute a gallery program throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities may include – but are not limited to – show installation and break down, gallery labels, reception set up, clean up and break down. Times vary.