*Applications for new Pop-Up Studios are currently closed.

Current Pop-Up Studios

Cruise Bogle – Studio 9

As a quadriplegic artist, Cruise Bogle (born 1990) had an accident that caused injury to his spinal cord and left him wheelchair-bound. Despite the challenges, he remaining positive, holds onto his humor, and communicates this mindset through tropical-themed artwork painted with his mouth. He has started a couple of businesses over the years including CruiseBogleDesigns, a youtube channel called Paralyze This by Cruiseybabbby Enterprises, and the latest being Curious Creatures Collective, an NFT Project selling digital art and raising awareness and funds for other SCI artists. Cruise currently is exploring acrylic paint and similar mediums as he builds his career as an artist.


cruisebogle.com       Instagram    cb@cruisebogle.com


Jocelyn Chemel – Studio 14

Jocelyn was born in South Africa during the apartheid era and uses collage, digital photography, tape, paint, and mark making to accentuate the layered nature of her practice. Earlier work reflected her interest in landscape as she used barbed wire in abstracted environments as a symbol of how people were kept out in a divided country. Her current pieces focus on the shifting landscapes of glaciers, what lies beneath, and to draw attention to the instability and fragility of our world.
Jocelyn has been a jewelry designer for 20 years and an art teacher, having taught decorative painting to adults and art to children.
She has taken many courses in design, digital photography, and mixed media at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston as well as courses at Mass College of Art.


Jocelynchemel.com      Instagram        jocelynchemel@gmail.com


The Pop-Up Studio Program is a short-term studio rental is designed with the creative business in mind. This program is an opportunity for creative arts businesses to have a retail, or working studio space for a short-term residency of 3-4 months max. The ideal candidate will be a creative business looking for a space to work, display inventory, meet with clients, or complete a new project and needs the space to do so. The category of candidate could be, but not limited to, the following examples: photographer, video, filmmaking, textiles, hand-made clothing, jewelry, ceramics, and other crafts. The Pop-Up Short Term Studio program is subject to studio availability.

Why Pop-Up your creative business at Arts Warehouse?

  • The Pop-Up artist would have 24/7 access to a private studio space for the duration of the Pop-Up.
  • A physical location to meet new potential clients and buyers.
  • A Creative environment with the visual arts in mind.
  • The short-term commitment is ideal for those smaller creative businesses wanting to try having a physical location.
  • Access to professional development programs, and networking.

How is the Pop-Up Program different from the Resident Artist Program?

  • The duration of the studio lease is shorter, only 4 months max.
  • Time requirements for resident studio artists do not apply to Pop-Up studios.
  • Pop-Up studios are not listed on the Arts Warehouse website as artist profiles.
  • Pop-Up studio tenants are not guaranteed a feature in the AW social media accounts (though there is a good chance they will be!).
  • Pop-Up Studio tenants are not included in a Resident Artist gallery exhibition that may fall during this time.


Applications are submitted via JotForm. Completed applications are reviewed by the Arts Warehouse Manager.

The application asks for images, statement, and product or art examples, as well as the asks the following questions:

Application questions:

  • What is the name of your creative business or brand?
  • What medium are you working in?
  • Why is a studio space with the Pop Up Project ideal for your business growth?
  • What will you use the studio space for (editing, creating, selling, etc.) Are there any projects/products you will be working on during your time here?
  • Any specific goals for the Pop Up Residency term?
  • How can we find you online, or social media?
  • Brief Bio (if you have):


  • Pop-Up Rentals will be filled based on studio availability.
  • Regular and full rental fees apply for the specified studio, and will be paid during the Pop-Up Studio Term on the first of the month by check. Studio rent is by square foot.