November 1st - November 30th, 2019

  This exhibition presents previously unseen works by painter, Luciana Boaventura. Between watercolor and oleo, these landscapes evoke a repertoire of memories and the liquefied terrain of dreams brought to light. For a painter, the importance of properly approaching the subject is vital. In a world full of influencing images, where painting displays the dichotomy between…

October 18th - November 30th, 2019

  Polyopia is a condition in which more than one image of a single object is perceived. It may be double vision but most commonly it manifests as multiple vision. This exhibition explores an expanded idea of multiplicity as an artistic challenge. It compels to imagine more than one object or image not only of…

Lauren Forman

Paintings accented with Swarovski crystals

Psychic Sabrina

Psychic readings, card pulls, and consultations

Robert Korhonen

Quick sketch portraits

Live comedy, drama and improvisational performances

Landon Heinrichs

Live Music

Jade Feasel

Henna applications and decor

Wood burned accessories and decor.