Selections from the Dr. Jacques Bartoli Collection of Haitian Art

May 5th – June 24th, 2023

Virtual Exhibition Catalog


Kilti, or “culture” in French, was an exhibition of selections from the Dr. Jacques Bartoli Collection of Haitian Art. This unique, colorful, and historical exhibition coincided with Haitian Heritage Month, celebrated annually every May. The exhibition featured over 40 works including paintings as well as hand embellished voodoo flags. Exhibiting artists included notable Haitian artists from the 20th century such as Wilson Bigaud, Louisiane St. Fleurant, and Maxon, as well as artists unknown beyond their immediate communities. Expanding into our East Gallery, one room of the exhibition was dedicated to internationally recognized Haitian artist, Frantz Zephirin, who currently lives and works in Haiti. Kilti acts as a snapshot into the vibrant spiritual and historically influenced art in Haiti. Several artists use their work to document historical figures or events in Haitian history. Many pieces, particularly the voodoo flags, include symbols from voodoo practices, Christianity, and in some pieces both are present. The voodoo flags are a significant example of the fine craftsmanship and Haitian artistry as the sequin and bead work are comparable to the finest fashion houses.

Dr. Bartoli has been collecting Haitian art for more than forty years, and this grouping of works was most recently exhibited in Berlin in May 2022, which was organized and sponsored by the Haitian ambassador in Germany. The opportunity to exhibit this collection was brought to Arts Warehouse by way of several parties. Delray Beach has a Sister Cities partnership with Aquin, Haiti, and Daphney Antoine, president of the local Sister Cities Chapter representing Delray Beach, learned of Dr. Bartoli’s collection through meeting the collector himself. In 2020, Antoine proposed the exhibition and 3 years later, Kilti graced Delray Beach. 

Kilti is an important part of Art History, and a collection of this caliber and diversity of artist is a treasure. Arts Warehouse remains extremely honored Dr. Bartoli’s Collection of Haitian Art had the opportunity to showcase in Delray Beach, FL.

Acknowledgments: Special thank you to the Dr. Jacques Bartoli, the Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HDRF), Aldy Castor, Daphney Antoine President Sister Cities local chapter, Susan Thomas