Frantz Zephirin

May 5th – June 24th, 2023


Part of Kilti, from the Dr. Jacques Bartoli Collection of Haitian Art


Frantz Zephirin is one of the leading contemporary artists working in Haiti today. A self-taught artist born in Cap Haitien in 1968, Zephirin has been described as a visionary, a surrealist, a visual satirist and an “historic animalist”.

With themes from the Bible and current events, his paintings soon reflected the delirium of his powerful, devastating imagination. Zephirin frequently uses animals, painted in brilliant, sharply contrasting colors, to speak out frankly. His highly creative style, which deals with politics, social and voodoo subjects, soon captured the art world’s attention in Haiti, and his career took off very rapidly. Zephirin’s work is characterized by intense colors, intricate patterns, and tightly surrounded compositions. Extremely productive, his imagination is compelling, and his social criticism is disturbing. Presently Zephirin’s work is recognizable by human figures with animal heads-representing his deep contempt for the commanding body.

After a very close call with the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of his home country of Haiti, Zephirin immediately went to work recording his visions of a violently transformed world. His painting, “The Resurrection of the Dead “ was the arresting image chosen for the January 25th cover of the New Yorker magazine.

This is Zephirin’s first time exhibiting in Delray Beach. Some of his work is currently on view at NSU Museum’s exhibition of Haitian Art in Ft. Lauderdale. This group of works is just a small sampling of the large number of pieces by Zephirin in the Dr. Jacques Bartoli collection.