Delray Details

A group exhibition exploring varying interpretations, subjects, & colors of Delray Beach featuring: Robert Fehre Mark Forman Steven Greene Ana Hentze Ellen Levinson Pati Maguire Bonnie Perlin Lucinda Price Joyce Sarachan Jack Rosenberg Dorothy Sutton Kate Teves Colleen Thompson

WALK DON’T WALK – Works by Todd Lim

WALK DONT WALK serves as inspiration for conversation and change, exploring significant issues of our time. It is a place for reflection. It is an opportunity to see the double meaning in everyday objects. A place to take a second look, to catch the play on words, and to solve the riddle. Todd Lim is…


ACTIVE explores work that encourages some kind of movement, action, or involvement from the viewer...

Free on the Inside

The Free on the Inside group exhibition is a showcase of both literary and visual art.

White Box Gallery | May Exhibition

In the White Box Gallery Adrienne Walker & Karen H. Salup As Abstract Expressionists the artists concentrate on the acts involved in creating artworks, rather than trying to produce specific images or ideas. The gestures, colors, and actions used to produce the works then lead to a theme or subject. Form, space content and especially…