Crystal is passionate about exploring the relationship between color and texture, and she places great importance on achieving the perfect marriage of paper and paint. “I love paper and its various textures,” she says, “and I love the unpredictability of watercolor. You never know what it’s going to do.” In addition to watercolor, she works in ink and pencil, often incorporating into her designs beads and fabric, much of it from Canada, Trinidad, Japan, Africa and several other countries.

Crystal combines her graphic design expertise and talent with her fine art to produce beautiful and unique pieces. She is currently focusing on producing art for her signature collection “Madame Fabrique,” and other watercolor fine art paintings at her art studio – Xtal Art™ Studios, Inc., all suitable for framing. She is also producing handmade greeting cards – art-cards – under the sub-brand Divine Pencil™ by Xtal Art and a t-shirt line called HipChristianChick™.