Angela Bulich

December 2nd – December 31st, 2022

In this graphic narrative, minimalist illustrations and diluted colorplay embody the mind of a calm and withdrawn anti-hero. An apathetic femme fatale who bathes in melancholy and revels in solitude. In her visual diary shrouded under the stars: small poetic moments between the bathtub and bedroom, both mundane and evocative. Contrary impulses exist side by side, producing no collective will—yet each vignette delivers the glimpse of a narrative in these brief episodes of lust, isolation, self care & self sabotage.

Angela Bulich is a painter, sculptor, jeweler, and resident artist in Studio 8. This exhibition is an opportunity to add scope to her more recent work featured in the resident artist show, In Pieces. “Vignettes” is originally a one-off series of illustrations made between 2018 – 2022 inspired by scarcity, uncertainty, independence, the unconscious.