Angela Bulich

Angela Bulich is a multidisciplinary artist working in jewelry design, sculpture and painting. Receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from University of California at Riverside, she is endlessly inspired by minutiae inside the mind, and body which became the foundation for her artistic practice. Her paintings are figurative, anatomical, contemplative, with an emphasis on optic sensibilities–mindful of the brain’s fondness of symbolism and perceptual problem solving.


Her sculptural work which began as bent steel rods, and stone arrangements, evolved into an art and design focused jewelry line “Leather Stone Metal” aptly named for the strict set of materials used in her process. Each piece of jewelry is akin to a small sculpture with consideration for composition and construction.

Though both disciplines of her art-making process are seemingly compartmentalized; paint being gestural and figurative, governed by symbolism. Stone and metalwork being tedious and rigid, governed by materiality– The polarity of disciplines and materials are complementary (rather than opposing) forces. Both attenuate and balance the tension of her creative output.