Vicki Siegel is a mixed media artist whose work unites painting and photography together to create a new reality. By combining these mediums she creates images that merge her fascination with the world around her and an obsession with the physicality of paint. Blending the two art forms is a process that results in images that are both real and imaginary. The photographer’s gaze observes and archives reality, while the paint flows from her subconscious to the paint brush in marks that are uniquely her own.

Human and natural forms are transformed by the use of acrylic paint, image transfers, printed photographs, drawings and paint skins. A bright colorful palette reflects her life in the sub-tropics.

Siegel asks the viewer to engage by comparing what is photographic and what is paint, but also what is personal and universal. In the narrative, she hopes that you see her vision of how strange and wonderful life is, how beautiful nature is, and the necessity of preserving it.

Vicki Siegel grew up in both NYC and Chicago. She began painting and drawing as a child and pursued the practice as a teen at the Chicago Art Institute. Vicki attended the University of Illinois, Urbana, graduating with a BFA and continued with Master of Fine Art course work focusing on photography, at Tyler School of Art, Rome. She worked as an art director and later creative director in advertising in Milan, Chicago, and S. Florida. During her seven years living and working in Milan, Italy, Vicki’s large multi-image shows combining music and photography would be a precursor to her personal artwork. Siegel is a full-time working artist. She instructs painting and conducts painting workshops, speaks to art groups and juries shows. Her work is widely exhibited and collected.