Intuition is not having to know Why


I paint to bridge the real and ordinary of my everyday life with the more mystical and intuitive recesses of my soul. The canvas is the place I get to put down my thoughts, emotions, and ideas, and actually see them with my eyes, and not just feel them intuitively with my heart.

My intuitive painting process has overflowed into my daily life showing me the importance of letting go of fears; of making mistakes, of not knowing what comes next, what to do, & how to get it done. It allows me the space to open up to a much larger world of self-expression where anything is possible. There is no such thing as mistakes in this process. Every step and decision taken leads to a much larger and deeper meaning.
I use a myriad of materials & art mediums including acrylics, paint pens, gels, modeling pastes, paper, fabrics, beads, sequins, anything from nature and more to create layers upon layers, which provides me the space and the freedom to cover up, restart, wipe away, change paths many times along the way. Changing my mind is very much a part of my process, as it is in our daily lives. It allows me to honor my intuitive mind and my ever-changing present moment.

I remain very playful and spontaneous in my art making, keeping my attention and focus on the actual process of simply exploring, experimenting, and discovering as an innocent child or novice would, and not on a preconceived idea of what the final outcome will be, allowing my subject matter to simply emerge organically. Each brushstroke, each dab and drip of paint, every emotion, every thought that pops up, every brave new decision is an important part or ingredient leading to the final outcome.

There are so many stories, emotions and intentions hidden within and underneath each layer. Each mark, telling a story of its own, influenced by my day’s experiences & interactions, all expressing moments in my life. Every droplet of paint containing an entire world within it.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” ~Rumi