Social Code

August 20th – September 29th, 2018

Social Code is a juried exhibition, selected by Nichole Hickey, examining the relationship between art and social media as methods of making sense of the world around us. The theme of this show derived from an article titled “‘Social Media Art’ In The Expanded Field”, written by associate editor of Artnet Magazine, Ben Davis. Participating artists were asked to create an original piece of artwork in any medium that is related to the discussion sourced from Davis’ article. They were also given the option to print/recreate an original work or series of their work from a social media account. The goal should be a pursuit of new concepts and technologies, within technology/social media and art together, to fundamentally change how we perceive our experience and/or reality.

Best in Show: “Bird on Wire”. Sonya Sanchez Arias

Second Place: “To Be Someone”. Todd Lim

Third Place: “Connection”. Matthew Faciana

Exhibiting Artists

Alessandra Mondolfi
Andy Krebs
Andrew Norris
Cherie Saleeby
Cheryl Maeder & Marilyn Walters
Christine Ellinghausen
Epiphany Knedler
Fernando Arias
Johanna Porter
Johnathan James
Judy Polstra
Karen H. Salup
Kate Tatsumi
Leah Freeman
Los Dos Jellyfish
Marilyn Behar Lerman
Matthew Faciana
Michelle Drummond
Nani Chacon
Pablo Cedeno
Reed Dixon
Rora Blue
Sarey Ruden
Sixto Acosta
Sonya Sanchez Arias
Taber Szuluk
Toby Gotesman Schneier
Todd Lim
Patricia Cooke