Emma Childs is from Baltimore, Maryland, and recent graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art (2018).

She wants to expand on the explorations made in her work, and make leaps towards a goal of becoming a full time artist. She thrives in the busy environment surrounded by an amazing community of driven artists and mentors and receiving a steady flow of feedback, exposure and critique. She uses her time to continue exploring the language of painting she developed and continue to push her own boundaries as an artist.

Her work focus on the human connection and emotion, as well as an interest in architectural forms and how we exist in space. The construction of her shaped canvases has been a significant aspect of her practice, and she would like to explore the sculptural potential in painting. She believes the opportunity to experiment, take risks, and push her work, would be so much more rewarding and successful while within a community of artist that share, give feedback, critique, and have the opportunity to engage with the Arts Warehouse audience.