Art Crew

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 – 7:30pm

This group is comprised of artists in varying mediums to provide support, educational resources, peer critiques/feedback, and discussions about pricing, workshops, etc. All levels and art forms welcome. FYI you may come to the group at any time during the designated hours; don’t worry if you can’t get here until after work, you are welcome! Click here for a list of Art Crew meeting dates!



1.       SOCIALIZE – take a break from your studio or workspace
2.       LEARN –  what other artists in your area are working on, and in the contemporary art world
3.       SHARE – what projects inspire you
4.       NETWORK – make connections with others in the art world
5.       OPPORTUNITIES – by growing your art network, new project, exhibiting, and grant opportunities are possible
6.       PARTICIPATE – share feedback & collaborate
7.       VOLUNTEER – give your time and efforts for the benefit of you and others
8.       PRACTICE – put your ideas into practice
9.       EXPOSURE – a space to put yourself and your work out there
10.     BLOG – share your experiences in your blog/Social Media posts.