An installation of a few dozen handmade metal sculptures in the East Gallery at Arts Warehouse. The characters are exist indicvidually as something familiar, those fleeting emotions that pass us throughout the day. When seen in a large group, it feels like the Boiz will engulf us with their personalities. Both eerie and friendly at once, it seems as if one were to start moving or speaking it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.


Cut Recycled steel with oil paint.  Each Boi is cut from 16 gauge sheet metal, welded, and all hand painted.


About the artist:

“I am 31 I own and operate 5150 chocolate co here in Delray Beach. I began sculpting with chocolate I messed up during production and couldn’t use. I originally picked up a welder to fix and modify machinery in the factory but it turned into a whole new art form for me. With The Boiz the main inspiration was me simply wanting to turn my drawings into 3D figures. Each Boi is a direct reflection of how I was feeling the day it was made, some days have been happier than others but even on the bad days it has helped me immensely to put my negative and sometimes scary thoughts into a new goofy figure. The scariest things to me are always what can’t be seen so to personify some of my emotions and be able to stare them in the face makes them not so scary. These Boiz are a constant reminder to not take life too seriously and to never lose your inner child. They were not intended to be taken too seriously, just wanted to make some people laugh.”