Q & A

Applications are accepted year-round for the Artists-in-Residence Program. They are reviewed on a rolling basis when there is availability.  If you are still debating on whether or not to apply, read this quick and informative Q&A. It offers the inside scoop on applicants’ frequently asked questions.

Every applicant proposes a project and ideas for the residency so that we have a good idea of what will be taking place. However, artists often change their minds by the time they arrive. I’ve had printmakers come and ask, “Is it okay if I just draw?” Yes, that is fine, and the residency highly encourages experimentation. We ask that artists make work within the frame of their proposal, but we are certainly flexible.

Every applicant has a different way of being trained or a natural ability to make thought-provoking art. No, you do not need to have had formal training but you do need to be working towards arts as your career. The program is focused in incubating arts entrepreneurs who hope to have a career as a creative professional and as their main profession.

The dialogue between the artists in our residency is very exciting. An emerging artist can really have an energizing impact on a more established artist resident, challenging the creative process. Established artists often serve as mentors to emerging artists as well, particularly in the area of expanding professional goals. Most of all, having an emerging artist work alongside a mid-level resident creates a dynamic, diverse atmosphere and a rich experience for all.

The Arts Warehouse hosts visitors daily and during Special events; they really immerse themselves into the facility. Critics, buyers, viewer, media and arts management professionals visit individual studios regularly and we will host a myriad of programming to aid the artist in resident and community.

Artists leave the Warehouse post-residency with a valuable network of new friends and peers with whom they often maintain tight bonds for years to come. I’ve known residents to meet up as a group in other cities, at conferences, and for studio visits and exhibitions. I think the network of community that is created during the residency might be the most valuable outcome. They can also become visiting instructors and lecturers.