Works by Christina Nicola
January 12th – February 19th, 2018

life·blood·lust  /ˈlīfˌblədˌləst /

Lifeblood (n.)

1. the force that drives us
2. that which gives vitality, strength, and life

Bloodlust (n.)

1. the desire for violence
2. an inexplicable compulsion to inflict pain

Lifebloodlust (n.)

1. the pursuit of vitality amidst the context of violence and injustice
2. the uncontrollable desire to champion vitality, strength, and life

Our past trauma and disparities have shaped who we are today. We have all experienced brokenness and pain. While our wounds may remind us of the damage done to us, they can also act as symbols and trophies of our humanity and strength.

Within these portraits and paintings are depictions of resilience, worthiness, and significance. Lifebloodlust speaks to the overwhelming yearning for us to live, in spite of everything. My hope is to bring us all into a conversation about pain, purpose, and healing.

Christina Nicola is a mixed media artist from Miami, FL who focuses on highlighting the significance of black men and women through her work. In 2015, Christina Nicola graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in studio art, specializing in drawing and painting. Christina Nicola uses a variety of mark making techniques in her pieces, employing charcoal, oil pastels, paint, and several other mediums as she believes, “the greatest aspect of art making is creating the form by whatever means necessary”. With her remarkable sense of form and color, Nicola concentrates primarily on glorifying the black body— visually, politically, and conceptually.