Ria Ray

Ria Ray’s work is about transformation – “new possibilities are everywhere.” As she tells her clients – keep going; stay inspired; FOCUS; discipline is compassion; no matter how hard you fall, something was learned; stay strong, love yourself and move forward.

Ria has been an artist for as long as she can remember. In her late twenties, her life took a defining turn when her immediate family was taken from me in a tragic accident. Since that moment, she has been on a journey to create and heal – her need to make sense of the tragedy propelled her to look within, to make sense of the world and understand the meaning of life. What she found was a determination to embrace life and love, no matter how irrational it seemed at the time. And it was automatic. She found solace in sharing her healing and teaching, and as her expression and courage grew, she began to paint. Ria’s art became a way to deeply connect with some unspoken needs, visually transforming her pain to heal her own feelings.

As reflected throughout her art, people are drawn to Ria’s energy and optimism, and like a force of nature, this strength has become a platform for her teachings. She encourages others to embrace resilience in the face of insurmountable obstacles; to feel strong and alive, despite the challenges of everyday life.

“As an artist, I am interested in provoking people to go on their own journey – each piece of work is as if I get to create this poetic light, with every movement on the canvas acting as a caress of the soul.”

Over the course of her career, Ria has devoted her work to several themes; evolving around love, healing, and letting go of what we think we can’t control. These are universal concepts and appeal to so many people. Yet she is equally committed to pushing her own boundaries and past her internal limits, continually finding ways to feel and experience more of herself. This drive strengthens her ability to serve the expansive consciousness of humanity and to be a contagious source of uplifting energy.

In the end, Ria’s hope is that her art provokes people to look within, to bypass the judgment and pain on their road to discovery, and to feel their own power to help themselves and others.

“Our souls are vast and complicated and beautiful – yet we must allow the soul to grant us a kaleidoscopic view into our genius. We are capable of being so many different forms of art.”


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