Pixel Peeks

Natasha Tomchin

July 1st – August 27th, 2022


Artist Statement

The ‘Pixel Peeks’ series takes the beauty of nature and adds a digital twist. In a world of more and more screens and pixels, this series takes snapshots of passing moments and blurs those memories. She manipulates photographs of of clouds and everyday beautiful moment in nature. These digitized moments serve as a reminder to enjoy and appreciate the temporary natural world before the landscape disappears entirely.


Artist Bio

Natasha Tomchin is driven by her fascination with natural phenomena. Born in Belarus and raised in Nebraska, she’s called Miami home for the last ten years. Inspired by the clouds and lush flora, her art draws directly from her surroundings in an effort to connect more deeply with nature. These feelings translate across code art, painted furniture, sculpture, video, and projection installations.

Always exploring new creative forms of expression, she uses unconventional methods to cross visual boundaries. Her ‘Digital Dreamscapes’ are surreal manipulations of the natural world that encourage the audience to appreciate the ephemeral and awe-inspiring beauty surrounding them. She encourages us to put our phones down and “Don’t forget to look up!”