No’Mad Be Happy

July 7th – August 26th, 2023

The signifier of identity:
Textures, shapes, and forms
Color, brushwork and material
These undo character
And build up evidence of culture, persona, and experience.

I am a nomad, Korean stranger when in Taiwan, Taiwanese stranger in Korea, and just a stranger in the US. I am interested in identity, inherited, acquired, ascribed.

The most important thing in my work is anguish about my identity. “We (all) are the people” It is my desire and passion for my creation to express that we all have equal values. In the process of seeing and feeling from all surrounding environments, large puzzles are put together one by one, and these experiences are fused and harmonized to be expressed as one work.

As a Taiwanese born in Korea, I moved to southern Florida, USA and lived for 10 years. We encounter strangeness and difference at every moment, but the sunlight, sky and green nature of subtropical culture always give warm inspiration. We hope that this will be compressed and symbolized in cubes in the work and will inspire you as well.