Marianela Pérez

Marianela Pérez is a visual artist who has developed in ​​painting, photography and digital art. She graduated in Commercial Art at Endicott College in MA, and in Venezuela she obtained the title of Environmental Designer at the Villasmil De Leon Design Institute.

Pérez ventured into painting guided by national and international art masters experimenting with different media and discovering color as a language. Everything is articulated with the same purpose, the fragmentation of space, shape, and color. After residing in Miami in 2017, she began closely investigating her language of color that was trapped in the abstract forms she used as a way of perceiving, thinking, interpreting reality. They gave an aesthetic meaning to her subjectivity.

She found that color is related to the moment, but the form preserves traces of emotions and memories that help sustain the experience of the color. Pérez aims to transmit and highlight emotions and moods that produce stability, enjoyment, and even pleasure, recreating a less gray world, more colorful and open to magic. Based on this idea, she makes the experience of transforming reality last longer than the singular moment.

Marianela Pérez has exhibited individually in Miami 2023 “Lemonade Berry” Mifa Gallery, 2022 “The Shape of Color” at the Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus Gallery. 2020 “Geometric Jump” II At Spanish River Library Boca Raton Fl. 2019 shows “Geometric Jump” In the Hernán Gamboa Gallery of Humboldt International University (Coral Gables, Florida)​


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