Landis Carey

Landis Carey finds comfort in throwing simple forms, focusing on the skill to reproduce the same form repeatedly in the exact dimensions. This repetitive, meditative practice produces high-quality, functional ceramics, each finding a home in cupboards and kitchens across the country. Her functional pot forms are simple, while her glazes are intended to recede and support the beauty of the form.

In 2018, Landis was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer, and her life turned upside-down. Through this life-changing moment, she and her family learned to live with purpose and heal together as a family. It was during this time when Landis began having visions of brilliant, undulating, rich color and piercing light. At first, only when she meditated, but these visions now appear in her calm, awake moments when she tunes into the healing energetic frequency found in her meditations. These soul-level communications she sees as color often bring messages. Most recently, she saw: “a blanket of acceptance.”

Landis’ work now focuses on translating these healing meditative visions into large-scale wall installations, where the main subjects are color and light. Light is achieved through glaze viscosity, sheen, and the pieces’ textural qualities. Color is integrated through glazes, overglazes, clay bodies, and even underglazes and clay tints when necessary. As a viewer moves back and forth, light plays on the undulating surface in waves, bringing them close to her soul’s communications. Utilizing the unique textural and color qualities achieved by glaze application, the artist intends for viewers to experience her installations on a visceral level at every vantage point. The pieces are meant to be experienced, felt even.


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