Kelley Ryan

Kelley Ryan’s work is a celebration of iconography from the golden age of Hollywood referenced against the nostalgia of vintage wallpapers and pattern motifs. The direction of her work is driven by her joy for portrait painting alongside a fascination with 1950’s/60’s pop culture. In each work, Ryan intertwines recognizable figures and objects with chance elements to bring the audience a whimsical sense of playfulness. The vibrancy of nature and the beauty of the scenery surrounding her consistently find their way into the work as she is influenced by the moods they invoke. She “paints to recall an era when life was altogether simpler yet more glamorous” and pays homage to an idealistic time and place where one can leave their current woes behind them.

Kelley Ryan has shown her work in Galleries in New York City, Paris, Florida and Nashville, including Galerie Bartoux NYC, Broome Street Gallery, Gallery Elysees Naples, Galerie Ravin, The Continuum Miami, Miami Design District Pop-up and The Gallery Lounge Boca. She is a member of American Society of contemporary artists and had received multiple awards in various juried exhibitions. She had her debut solo show in 2015 at Galerie Bartoux in Manhattan.


IG| @kelley_ryan_gallery