Karen H. Salup

Karen’s work unfolds as she composes intuitive images whose references lean to nature. Her intuition developed a vocabulary that consists of idiosyncratic visual poetry through mark-marking. Heavily inspired by prior Abstract Expressionists, Karen follows in creating gestures that bring to the viewer; Form, Texture, Color, and Light.

Although abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order that gradually emerges. She finds image secondary to process and describes this process as “entering a realm of the unknown” where there is more of a calling than any true direction. Continuously altering and adjusting the core of the painting results in an invisible reality suddenly becoming apparent.

It’s a self-imposed repetitive process guided by emotional intensity as she builds, erases, and paints the scene. A process that illuminates a definite chaos through the work’s shifting inner landscapes. Experience, sensation, and memory color the fluctuating world to ground and fortify an innate sense of place full of subtleties and sensitivities.


Email | monet12@bellsouth.net
Web | karenhs.com
IG | @ksalup

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