Dancing Tree

Cheryl Maeder

October 1st – November 14th, 2021


Video installation in honor of Delray Beach Climate & Art Week 2021


“There are times I find myself living in a black and white world. When I am in this state, I separate from Nature; and therefore, I separate from my very core of being. Living in this black and white world of judgements, I cannot see the true colors of Nature, and hear the masterpiece that is Nature’s Symphony. When I am truly living in the present, I am living in harmony with Nature. I experience her dazzling display of colors, and the ballet of her movements, of which I am an integral part of.” 


About the Artist

Cheryl Maeder is a photographer and video/sound installation artist. The core of her work is about ‘connection’; the connection to the self, each other and to all life forms.  It is Maeder’s philosophy, that we humans are not only of this world, but we are also connected to the broader universe.  It is this concept that permeates throughout her photographs and video installations.

Cheryl Maeder was born in New Jersey and in her twenties moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she studied at the Zurich University of the Arts.  After eight years in Switzerland, she returned to the United States and opened her studio in San Francisco.  Her photography work was the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on Real Women, Real Beauty which transformed the way women are viewed in the global media today.

In 2005, she relocated her studio to the Miami area and immersed herself into filmmaking and fine art photography.  Investigations into video and large-scale installations have expanded her visual world. Maeder’s installations have been exhibited in public art platforms on climate change and the environment in United States, South America & Europe.