Conceptually Green

February 2nd – April 20th, 2024

Arts Warehouse and RAD Curatorial are pleased to present ‘Conceptually Green’, a group exhibition of 22 artists working in diverse media.

Click here for the Exhibition Catalog.

Exhibiting Artists

Alissa Alfonso
Diane Arrieta
Molly Aubry
Melanie Brewster
Dana Donaty
Andrea Facusse
Jacquelyn Strycker
Addison Wolff

Amy Gelb
Jill Hotchkiss
Margaret Innerhofer
Jeanne Jaffe
Kandy Lopez
Andrea Spiridonakos
Melissa Webb

Rick Newton
Quimetta Perle
Renee Phillips
Evelyn Politzer
Elle Schorr
Norman Silva
Denise Treizman