The 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition at Arts Warehouse

2019’s theme was blanco +1 and as the title states all works submitted had to contain white plus one color or element. The interpretation was left up to the artists.

29 Pieces were selected from over 100 submissions from a national call for Art.

Alexandra Neira
Alexandra Salazar
Andy Krebs
Ben Morey
Chad Periman
Cherie Saleeby
Cindy Amaya
Colleen Thompson
Emma Childs
Jane Busker
Judy Polstra
Jill Hotchkiss
Julie Burliegh
Kellie Bornhoft
Kellijean Press
Kimberly Coleman
Lori Arbel
Michelle Drummond
Osmar Reyes
Robin Cohn
Sonya Sanchez Arias
Taber Szuluk
Timothy Kelly
Yochi Yakir-Avin
Zoe Alexa