Andrea Facussé

Andrea Facussé is a Honduran mixed-media artist whose artwork is inspired from her multicultural background and home growing up. She is a self-taught, intuitive painter who doesn’t map out what she’ll paint. The purpose of painting in this way is to release onto the canvas all her desires, dreams, and thoughts. You’ll find the rhythmic markings on the canvas represent variations of plants and flowers, rain and flowing water, and other natural elements.

Andrea’s journey into art making didn’t begin with abstraction. In fact, she began with figurative art, landscapes, and still lifes. It was in this era of art making that she became accustomed to the lines in her work defining the shapes. Abstract markings and backgrounds were then slowly integrated after. Andrea says, for her, painting in a more abstract style has been harder than painting figures and landscapes. Abstract art is about decomposing, restructuring, and abandoning formal elements and shapes. Andrea grew to keep some of the composed figures in her more abstract works to create a bridge between two worlds: figurative and abstract. These two can coexist to create a work full of gratification and mystery. In the end, what she strives for is to connect to her audience and their experiences using vivacious colors, abstract compositions, and a narrative they can relate to. Today, Andrea feels a deep connection to the paintbrush and the canvas. The colors she uses are a way of connecting beyond the objects and lines. She believes color has the power to bring joy, magic, and inspiration into people’s homes and hearts and because of this, art has become an essential part of her life.

Andrea has exhibited her artwork with Boca Raton Museum of Art School, The Sugar Sand Park Gallery, The Arts Warehouse, ArtsUnited at the Arts Warehouse, and The Marshall Family Foundation Gallery at Arts Garage. Andrea has a permanent collection at The Arts Warehouse in Delray Beach, Florida.


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