Andrea Facussé

I am a self-taught artist dedicated to acrylics and oils.  My artwork is created on a moment to moment basis. My art is never planned, and the results are always a fascinating surprise in the end. Art is my connection to the outside world – a world where I feel restricted and bounded by rules, compliance, and duty. It is in art where I can freely express my thoughts, emotions, and dreams for others to connect with. My art begins with lines and motion on canvas and as the images come alive right before my eyes, I color them in.  The colors I use bring memories and feelings to life – a combination of intense hues of blues and reds to communicate beyond the painting. You can see my vulnerability in all my works of art – my raw emotions displayed on the canvas.

At the moment, one set of my artwork consists of women bound someway: their mouths, eyes, and even their ears covered. The women in my paintings, even though bound or covered, are introspective, deliberate, and strong. They are a portrait of what most women go through in society. My second set of artwork depicts our planet and the impact we as humans have on it. We use its resources, its lands, and its fruits for our benefit but the majority of us do not give back to – or thank – the Earth for serving us so willfully. My artwork is a response to a myriad of human behaviors towards nature and each other; a behavior absent of connections and mutual respect.

I paint what I see, what I feel, and I follow my heart. It doesn’t matter how much I plan, in the end, the result will always shy away from what was planned, just like the world we live in. I paint the unexpected, therefore I call my artwork a compilation of unexpected muses.


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