Adrienne Walker & Karen H. Salup

May 2018


As Abstract Expressionists the artists concentrate on the acts involved in creating artworks, rather than trying to produce specific images or ideas. The gestures, colors, and actions used to produce the works then lead to a theme or subject. Form, space content and especially the qualities of color and light are a part of the creative dance we call “Action Painting”.

Adrienne and Karen create works that capture the aesthetic nature of idiosyncratic visual poetry. Experimenting with the flow of mixing watercolor, acrylic and mixed mediums, they challenge their creativity. The visible brushstrokes invite the viewer into the art.

Adrienne Walker and Karen H. Salup both have broad experience in the art world as exhibiting artists, and also teaching and lecturing. Currently Adrienne is President of Palm Beach Watercolor and Media Society and Karen has been President of Women in the Visual Arts, organizations in the Palm Beaches. Adrienne and Karen work separately but enjoy showing their work together as their expressive pieces play off of each other in a cohesive way.