Kristin Pavlick

June 2018


Through the series of work 9 CRIMES SUGARCOATED, Kristin Pavlick continues her exploration of visual culture by questioning – how much does it impact our decision making process? Through the marriage of disparate imagery, she presents 9 CRIMES that have been SUGARCOATED. Pavlick sees our visual culture as an intentional veil that separates us from the truth—encouraging us to act upon a deeply reinforced value system that is imposed upon us. Kristin challenges you to look through the playful imagery to question if there is a blind spot in your decision making process, and just how much of our immediate needs act against our collective needs.


More about the artist:

Born outside of Philadelphia, Kristin Pavlick earned a bachelor’s degree in art education from Penn State University in 2005. Before re-locating to South Florida in 2008, she worked as an art educator in several Pennsylvania schools, as well as, the managing art sales consultant for a major cruise line.  An impromptu trip to the Salvador Dali museum in early 2010 inspired her to change her life and dedicate her career to painting full-time.

Pavlick has since done work for Don King Productions, Italian Vogue Editor Rushka Bergman, and her pieces can be found in the permanent collection of the Coral Springs Museum of Art, the corporate collections of Tree Top, Inc. (Washington State), 26 Degrees Brewing (Pompano Beach, FL) and Titled Kilt Pub and Eatery (Boca Raton, FL), as well as being featured by the Electrica Gallery (Miami), and in South Florida’s vibrant culture– where her work stands tall in several local venues and private collections, including Art Critic Bruce Helander.