2021 Art Vision

Back Together with Arts United

July 2nd – August 14th, 2021

Art Vision | Back Together is juried group exhibition brought to you on behalf of ArtsUnited Inc and hosted by Arts Warehouse. Juried by Rolando Chang Barrero of The Box Fine Art Gallery.

Best in Show: “Enough is Enough”. Axel Martinez

Second Place: “You & Me”. Rosaria Vigorito

Third Place: “The Countdown”. Tedd Davis

Fan Favorite:Revival”. Joseph Skarzynski

Judge’s Recognition

“Untitled”. Ornella Verano

Cocksure“. Alfred Pérez

Exhibiting Artists

Andrea Facussé
Ates Isidak
Betty Alice McGhee
Carol Lane
Chuck Prescott
Chuck Williams
Daniel Mullen
David Parish
David Plath
Diane Delorey
Diane Lublinksi
Ernesto Masis

Francisco Sheuat
Greg Lindeblom
Jane Kreinberg
Jill Sneidman
Jillian Blake
J. L. Schwartz
Joel Chalen
Karen H. Salup
Kathy Linden
Lauren Hecht
Mark W. Forman
Mikael Semexant

Paul McDermott
Peter Meterhoefer
Robert Catapano
Sami Davidson
Saundra Newman
Sonya Sanchez Arias
Sue Klau
Suzanne Barton
Toby Gotesman Schneir
Toby Maron
Valerie Valera
William Hutcheon


About ArtsUnited

ArtsUnited, Inc. is a nonprofit arts organization founded in 1999 in response to a growing need of local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) artists for an interactive and supportive working environment. Our organization focuses on showcasing the art of the LGBTQ community in all genres of the arts, including visual art, music, theatre, film and fashion. We implement our mission by producing programs and events that present our member artists and promote the development of culturally diverse arts. We collaborate with other organizations in South Florida to maximize the cultural offerings for our members and patrons.

Over our almost 20 year history, we have become one of the most renown LGBTQ arts organizations in Florida. We are proud to continue providing quality cultural programming. Our mission is to embrace the arts – visual and performing, to present a positive message about the LGBTQ community and provide opportunities for artist to contribute fully and openly to the cultural, social and economic success of South Florida.