A Synchronistic Encounter_2019_37 ½” x 37 ½”_37 ½” x 13 ½” nails,epoxy, thread,yarn_mixed media

The Amalgamation of the Past and Present_2023_48” x 12_mixed media,aluminum, wood, plexi glass, watercolor

Surrender_2023_6_ x 6_mixed media,repurposed wood, nails

Memento Vivere_2022_dimensions variable_photos on steel, polymer clay,monafilament line,repurposed wood, nails

Frailty and Strenght_2022_194” x 76” x 44”mixed media,paper

Frailty and Strenght_DETAIL_2022_194” x 76” x 44”_mixed media,paper

Cautiously Unearthing_2023_24_x36_mixed media,nails,epoxy,thread,yarn

Behind the Curtain_DETAIL_2019-2023_dimensions variable_mixed media, found objects, monafilament line, polymer clay,fabric,acrylic

Behind the Curtain_2019-2023_dimensions variable_mixed media, found objects,polymer clay,fabric,monafilament line

The Contemplation of Sahasrara_Crown, Svadhisthana_Sacral, and Anahata_Heart_2023_11_ x 14_mixed media,thread,yarn,watercolor,oil and acrylic brush pens