Ruben Ubiera | Golden

Two prominent street artists come together for the first time in a duo exhibition showcasing the distinct characters and worlds that make their work and style recognizable.

Golden’s and Ruben’s artwork, and MIAMI sculpture, give the gallery spaces at Arts Warehouse a Miami feel they’ve yet to experience.

This Virtual Gallery was created to give everyone the opportunity to see the exhibition from the safety of their own home. Be sure to view a video of the opening reception made by Braveman Media at the bottom of the page. Hopefully, it helps you feel like you were there. To view the work, simply click to expand the image. Label information respective to each piece will show up at the bottom of each expanded image. Works listed here are for sale. Email for sale inquiries.

Ruben Ubiera

Ruben’s work is an evolution from the urban art that we have accustomed to see on an everyday basis. Not graffiti, but Postgraffism. Postgraffism is – if Ruben cab describe it, is a new kind of urban art. An eloquent evolution of what’s happening on the streets with graffiti and the like. The beauty (or the perception of beauty) changes with time. It evolves. So does our appreciation for what is around us. He is a product of a generation who saw, at a young age, the change from public phones to the mini-computers we all carry and call cellular phones.

Ruben Gerardo Ubiera Gonzalez born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and living and working in Miami, is a neo-figurative artist, known for his strong use of the line, graffiti inspired technique/aesthetic, urban murals, mixed-media pieces and installations, all created with reclaimed-objects and found artifacts. He paints and draws in a style considered as Postgraffism, but he prefers to call it urban-pop, since he has lived most of his life in urban, populated areas and most of his inspiration is derived from the inter activity between man and his urban environment. At the age of 15, his family moved to the Bronx, NY, where he was heavily influenced by the graffiti art that surrounded him, something he wouldn’t realize until much later in his life.

Instagram @UrbanRuben


Artist Cristhian Saravia (Golden) born in Caracas, Venezuela, is an illustrator and painter based out of Miami, Florida.

Golden became a graffiti artist at and early age. As the graffiti movement evolved, he became one of Florida’s most renowned street artists. Known for using vivid colors and a unique style of painting, Golden has been creating vivacious and distinctive animated characters, and painting large-scale street art murals for the last several years.

Instagram @Golden305