An inviting space that brings in like-minded people, an open design and welcoming environment encourages conversation and discussion. The conference style set up is equipped with acoustic ceiling panels to reduce airborne noise and improve the sound quality by absorbing sound waves and eliminating echoes. The room is a flexible and functional space that gives meetings, talks and/or collaborative projects a place to become reality.

IDEAL FOR  Meetings, lectures, podcasts, digital work space or small catered party/social event.

ACCOMMODATES  Accommodates up to 12-14 people conference style.

AMENITIES  Video projector available for rent, Wi-Fi available.


Our largest room, the White Box, is exactly that. Well not exactly a box, but close with 21 foot ceilings, a hint of natural light and industrial lighting that dims. The room can quickly transform from a large open space for a filming/photo shoot or casting call location to event space– and most anything in between! We rent an assortment of tables and chairs to meet most needs. Its proximity to the kitchen makes it easy for groups to cater an event. Priority is given to Arts Warehouse programming/events followed by arts related rentals. Please be advised Arts Warehouse is an arts venue not a traditional event rental space which may result in limitations.


A mixed-used space that encourages creativity; there’s plenty of room to spread out and work on projects with plenty of natural light. As an additional exhibition space for works, this space is also ideal for photoshoots, small meetings, and film interviews to name a few. Its designed for flexibility and comfort that can fit large working tables and stools if needed, giving collaborative projects a place to take root and come alive.

IDEAL FOR Meetings, lectures, creative making work space or small catered party/social event.

ACCOMMODATES Accommodates up to 10-12 people classroom style.

AMENITIES Video projector available for rent, Wi-Fi available.

INSTRUCTORS Instructors interested in using the gallery for workshops, visit the teaching page


Our open-space warming kitchen allows easy access to the White Box and exhibition space. The space allows for flexibility in set up and the ability for multiple people to move freely in the space. Food may be catered or brought in by renters; Arts Warehouse staff will provide users a tour and run-through of the space prior to usage.

Open concept allows space for prepping and set up.

Easy access to White Box and Exhibition spaces.

Commercial refrigerator, ice machine (200 lb capacity), microwave, residential sink.