Thanks Delray it was a huge success!

We can’t wait until next year!

Thrown Down Artists

Gregory Dirr | Boca Raton

I was born in Boca Raton so I am a Florida boy 🙂 I received my BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2008 and I’ve been a full-time visual artist since then.
Although I consider myself interdisciplinary, I’m mainly a painter.
As far as hobbies (besides painting) I love growing orchids, cooking, and making music. I also enjoy reading classic children’s tales, which inspires a lot of my art.



Eric Karbeling | Miami 

My background is graphic design and illustration, where everything must be created within constraints to achieve a specific tangible goal, but my artwork is an unrestrained response with the sole goal of creating something beautiful.

My favorite medium is using house paint to create murals of made from improvisational forms, fine details, and patterns arranged meticulously to craft hypnotic imagery. My murals create a sense of balance amidst chaos and invite the viewer to get lost, just as I do while creating it.



Batia Lowenberg | Boca Raton

Originally from NYC and now Boca Raton by way of Tel Aviv Batia’s focus on the process of painting has come from a place both rigorous and whimsical at the busy intersection of formalistic topographical concerns and associative narrative. Spiritual presence, cultural forecasting, the written and the drawn, the wonder of nature, the nature of wonder, are all in dynamic tension with an exploration of spatial relations, dimensional concerns, layering, distancing, and “play”. She chooses a present time conversation with surface, materials, with a balance of letting go of control as the Creator of all allows her to partake in the greater adventure.



Luciana Boaventura | Delray Beach 

I am a Brazilian artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and specialize in contemporary mixed media. I currently live in South Florida.

My passion is found at the intersection of neuroscience and meditation, creating imagery with illusory views of suspended figures inhabiting botanical life. Teas, herbs, and flowers are used as the foundation for colors in my work. I feel joy at being able to create an extension of myself every day with the goal of positively impacting the lives of others.


Drawing Artists

Sharon Halupka, Lisa MacNamara, Wilian de Almeida Gaspar Wilian, Milam Barnett, Deb Yager, Renee Plevy, Tara McLeod, Marilyn Walter, Beatrice Beckers, Nubia Coffman, Amalia Mermingas, Aaron Wolf, Jeanette Angeli, Evan Schoenly, Zoe Alexa, Sal Sidner, Renee Roberts, Ketzya Rios, Lauryn Lawrence, Carlie Partridge, Hilary LeBlanc, Deanne Webb, Amanda Perna, Silas Baroni, Noah Bogan

Monster Drawing Rally & Art Throwdown

We are hosting our first annual Monster Drawing Rally and Art Throwdown. Come eat delicious pizza from Pizza Paradise, enjoy some drinks, vibe to some music by DJ Al Johnson, watch the live art making and have some fun in the Samsung experience areas!

Featuring artists at all stages of their careers participating in 2 different ways:
1. Draw/sketch/create for a 2-hour time slot in front of a live audience
2. Compete as a contestant in the Art Throwdown – live 90 minute head to head art competition.
There is an open call to participate as an artist in the Rally or Throwdown is closed for submissions.

Link to Register as a Rally Artist Here

Not an artist yourself? Come hang out! Spectators can spy on the creative process, watching sketches morph into full-fledged works of art.
Finished drawings created during the Rally are immediately available for sale for $30 each. If more than one person wants the same work they will draw cards or rock, paper, scissors to win the right to buy!

So, what’s an Art Throwdown? In the middle of the room there will be a head to head competition. Four artist will have 90 minutes, the same surprise supplies, and one assistant to create an original artwork on canvas. The winner will be selected by the audience! All works will be auctioned off for sale at the end of the competition. Think Iron Chef meets Live Art.

The Monster Drawing Rally and Art Throwdown makes viewing art and collecting art more accessible. It’s a way to view perhaps new/unseen talent, interact with Florida’s artistic community, and support Arts Warehouse programming. Inspired by the San Francisco artist-centered nonprofit Southern Exposure, whose mission is to show support to local artists, we’ve adopted a portion of this fund-raising idea to bring Florida artists and Art appreciators to the Arts Warehouse for a night of creating, mingling, drinking, and fun.

The event takes place at the Arts Warehouse,  313 NE 3rd Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444, Friday, June 7, 2019, from 5:00 to 10pm.

A DJ Al Johnson will be spinning beats, and a variety of food and a cash bar will be on hand. The evening also includes the opening Collage exhibition in our Main Gallery.

Need more information on Ticket Sale, Art Throwdown and/or Monster Drawing Rally Participation? SEE BELOW


Monster Drawing Rally | Call to Artists

FRIDAY, JUNE 7 from 5-10pm


Anyone can be a participating artist, but must register ASAP because space is limited! Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Both must be registered as artist or as a registered artist and ticket purchaser


Part performance, part art-walk, part artist throwdown and part art sale, and one of Delray Beach’s liveliest Art fund-raising events! During a Monster Drawing Rally artists create artworks from start-to-finish in front of a live audience, art work will be sold can be purchased for $30 as soon as they are finished. If more than one person wants the same piece of art they will rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to buy it. The Monster Drawing Rally offers a rare and exciting opportunity to watch artists in action and the possibility to take home their completed pieces, all while supporting a good cause! The Arts Warehouse Monster Drawing Rally benefits Arts Warehouse and artist services/programs.

(“Monster” as in “a big event” not as in drawings of monsters… although the artists are more than welcome to make monsters if they want to!)

(provided the artwork can be completed in 2 hours & buyer can take it home that night.)

Artists are provided work area, chair, paper and random drawing materials; artist may bring their own supplies too. Artists will have 2 hours to complete one or more artwork from start to finish. Attendees will be able to buy works as they are created and posted on the buy wall. Additional details are on the Artist Registration Eventbrite Link Below.

1. Registration via the Eventbrite link below.
2. Help us promote the event, show up during your selected time frame(s). You may draw during more than one session if you like.
3. All work created is donated to Arts Warehouse to sell and keep proceeds
After your drawing time you may stay and enjoy the event.*
*Participating registered artist do not have to pay cover charge; they do not get to bring people with them as guest, guest need to purchase a ticket.


Art Throwdown | Call to Artists | CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS

FRIDAY, JUNE 7 from 5-10pm
ARTIST REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 10, 2019 | Contestants will be notified by May 14th


Things you will need to fill out form.

  • A link to your website, dedicated FB artist page, or Instagram account
  • A couple sentences about your artist background, favorite medium, and what your passions are (hobbies, career, what you do for fun)
  • 2-3 pictures of your work
  • 1 picture of yourself

We want to make sure that we are selecting a diverse group of artists for the competition and photos will be used for promoting the artist that will be competing in the event.


  • You will be the reining Throwdown Champ for one year!
  • You will get to defend your title as an automatic contender in next year’s event.
  • You will get exposure and highlighted in our Newsletter and on our website.
  • You will also get a one-month art exhibition in our backroom gallery that includes a First Friday Art Walk (Date will be determined)


  • Four selected Artist will live paint/create in a head to head 90-minute art competition.
  • All artist will receive the same set of supplies and a shared random supply table to “fight” over.
  • Each Artist may have one approved assistant.
  • After 90 minutes each work of art created will voted on by the audience to determine the winner.
  • Following the vote each painting will be for sale via a live bidding with all proceeds going to the Arts Warehouse.