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Memoirs of Destiny Exhibition

November 30, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Memoirs of Destiny
November 4th – November 30th, 2022
East Gallery


Memoirs of Destiny is the culmination of Ray’s journey from spiritual seeker to creator of dreams and memories on canvas. The pieces within this collection call forth a greater need to understand the past – and the present – in order to transcend reality to achieve ethereal greatness. Embedded within these multi-dimensional mixed media paintings are sacred scriptural messages that lead to a deeper understanding of the artist – and the viewer.

“Each piece I create is a meditational device. It will take you down a sacred journey within yourself to a deeper self-realization and connection. My art is meant to heal and align the viewer to their higher self.”

Memoirs of Destiny is also the introduction of Ray’s ability to combine the serenity of poetry with the emotionality of music. Called Sound Art, this hypnotic form of expression is a doorway to the viewers most intimate sensual self. “My sound art is a mirror of introspection that deepens memories of the past and infuses it with the transformative power of light.”

Her memoir is a transfusion of the truth as an underlayment to the obvious. This revolution of beauty within is meant to remind one of what is important in life – and to trace its circuitous destiny. “When I am creating art, I feel a connection to the Cosmic mythical flow of existence. This gives me a greater freedom to create with a deeper sense of purpose and power. It also gives the viewer an unbridled opportunity to seek – and find – that same sense of power and possibility.”

Ray’s sense of artistic reverie has led to her unrivaled spiritual discovery. This expansion of consciousness has been the magical thread that weaves meaning and alchemy to her existence. “I want to take people on a journey to experience the most profound part of themselves. This allows them to be in sync with what is happening now and to cherish what happened in the past. I am a channel for the viewers perspective of a new reality, and a heightened awareness of their goodness.”

What comes forth are precious gems for learning, growth, and the truth of existence.

The Memoir of Destiny is a mystical rebirth of the self.



November 30, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm