plural noun: traces: a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something.

July 1st – August 27th, 2022

Traces the exhibition explores the idea of the artist’s hand, and evidence of the artist present in their work. In art history, the artist’s hand was commonly identified by a brush stroke, and for a long time was purposefully left out of the piece to create the illusion of realism.

In opposition to this idea, the artists included in Traces are very present in their art in ways beyond the brush stroke. Figuratively through themes, story, and inspiration, and literally by evidence of a physical action in the work such as weaving, printing, or photography, these artists have left a hint of themselves and their practice for us to discover.

One could argue that every artist’s work tells a story of its maker, as we consider the process of the piece’s creation or the motivation behind the work. Specific choices are made by the artist that directly affect how the viewer will see the piece. Traces is a selection of artists who are evidence of these choices. The varying mediums represented by the five artists further exemplify that this idea is universal. How an artist chooses to create their art and tell their story is unique and intentional. Traces permits us to see the many possibilities.



Exhibiting Artists

Dominique Dennis
Isabel Gouveia

Jennifer D. Printz

Renee Phillips
Hayley Sheldon