CHNKPaul Cooley | Taber Szuluk

May 18th – June 29th, 2018

SANCTIONED is an exhibition showcasing two painters who find themselves on varying outdoor surfaces/walls, and also on canvas. Using text, color, shapes, symbols – conveying their messages in sporadic bursts of thought, Sanctioned will show recent and new works by both artists. The pieces give us the feeling that we’ve caught the artists in a train of thought before they’ve moved onto the next wall, or in this case, canvas. As the viewer searches for a deeper meaning, perhaps the paintings don’t have any real meaning at all. Whether in a gallery, studio, or outdoor walls, train cars, street signs, and subways – their work spreads positivity, thoughtfulness, emotion, and energy.


CHNK‘s studio work is a series of vaguely illustrated conflicts within relationships of family, friends, enemies, significant others and ones self.

Influenced by graffiti Aesthetics, urban culture, classic comic books and Letter structure his work is a blend of contemporary emotion and graphic illustrations portraying current situations in his life. CHNK’s work consist of spray paint, acrylic, inks, enamels, textiles and found objects. This body of work is considered SNIPPETS (a few pieces from different mini series that are still in concentration.)


Paul Cooley is a fine artist from Queens, NY currently living and working in NYC. Paul has strong graffiti roots but now works primarily in mixed media to create his works. After battling drug addiction, homelessness, and a seemingly endless struggle to fill a spiritual void; Paul has resorted to creating every day.

“There is no utopian life. There is no “perfect”, and I think there is a certain beauty in accepting that things are flawed, and refusing to let it affect you. This is what I am about, and my work is the largest extension of that. Often times, darkness will come out during my process only to get covered up in layering. Kind of like the battle unfolding on my canvas. When I am lucky the good side will win.”

He delineates his perception of life through his use of textured layers and prowess of color theory. His use of original poetry and metaphor challenges his viewers to reflect and contemplate the profundity of his works. His positive form of expression has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions, as well as Art Basel, Miami. He has won acceptance into prestigious art residencies both domestically and internationally, and has been featured in major magazine articles.


In addition to CHNK and Cooley’s paintings, Sanctioned was shown with photographs from photographer Taber Szuluk’s graffiti series. The photographs capture the beauty of these urban art pieces in their original settings. How the art is inspired by it’s surroundings and the messages the artist wanted to pass on are forever captured in the photographs. Most of the work photographed no longer exists.