a multimedia group exhibition that brings
together works by 19 artists exploring the
cultural narrative of the color pink

Curated by Dana Donaty and Renee Phillips

January 6th – February 25th, 2023

Pink has always been a spectacular contradiction. Historically it is known for ushering in change, and few colors are as politically charged. At the beginning of the last century, pink was considered an appropriate color for boys while blue was for girls. Pink’s meaning continues to evolve, mirroring broader cultural changes in society. Throughout the exhibition, each artist explores the color pink through their individual lenses. Through a multimedia presentation, the artists’ works are in dialogue expanding pink’s cultural narrative.

Artist Statements and Bios:


Exhibiting Artists

Diane Arrieta
Cruise Bogle
Melanie Brewster
Heather Couch
Melissa Delprete
Dana Donaty
Kim Fay
Caitlin Frown
TD Gillispie
Amy Gross
Alex Heria
Ezra Hubbard

Etheard Joseph

Kandy Lopez
Michelle AM Miller
Amanda Perna
Renee Phillips
Kenny Schofield
Maxine Spector