Outside In

Jenna Efrein

October 1st – November 14, 2021

In honor of Delray Beach Climate & Art Week 2021

Outside In portrays several concepts about the state of our outside environment and it’s place in our lives.

What if the only way we could know about much of the natural world was to go into a museum, gallery, or scientific hall due to extinction or inaccessibility?

Take, for instance, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Virtually no one is going to visit it and certainly no one has to live in it – humans that is.

Fish, on the other hand, do not have the luxury of choice. What does it feel like to be them? Have you ever been fooled into thinking something was food only to find it was garbage, like a sea turtle mistaking a plastic bottle for a jellyfish?

How can we elevate the value of nature in our daily lives? What do you do to protect the environment, so its surrogate is not its only lasting memory?

How do we make the outside the new in thing?

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Artist Statement

Driven by socioecological concerns, Jenna Efrein fuses sculpture, installation and performance art often relying on community sourced materials. Her work investigates the moral and philosophical tenants by which people live among themselves and within their locales.  She stimulates social awareness and contemplation through a practice that invites viewers to participate both materially and psychologically. The work connects the consequences of our past actions to the present reality while envisioning future possibilities. Efrein exposes the repercussions of being human in this world jarring the viewer into a state of reckoning.



Jenna Efrein grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Miami in 2014 from Philadelphia. She received her MFA from Alfred University School of Art and Design in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer in Glass at the University of Miami in the Art and Art History.  Her work is often purchased for private collections. As a multimedia artist, she has participated in a variety of group shows around South Florida and beyond. Since in Miami, she has had solo shows at the Mindy Solomon Gallery and the University of Miami Wynwood Gallery She has attended the Vermont Studio Center and was a recipient of a Miami-Dade Artist Access Grant.  She has been a resident artist at Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood since 2015.