Olwen Jewelry is designed and created by Florida native, Corrin Carr in her West Palm Beach studio. A lifelong love for jewelry turned into a career in vintage jewelry, which sparked the fire.  One day, on a friends invitation to cash in a Groupon for a silversmithing class, making jewelry quickly turned into a passion. A few years later, Olwen Jewelry was born.

Olwen Jewelry is made up of two collections: Olwen Handmade and Olwen Classics. Olwen Handmade is brought to life through a creative flow, allowing the stones and metal to guide the way, each detail carefully crafted by hand. Alternatively, each piece of the Olwen Classics collection is designed by Corrin, and manufactured in New York City. Two collections that are easy to wear, yet are strong and unique, with a touch of edge and free spirit in each.