My work is a testament to the ideas of the unconscious, and the desire for the spiritual. The current work highlights the integration of artificial intelligence into the collective unconscious. While graffiti is the physical manifestation of the search for significance-the wave of the future goes beyond the physical and even beyond postmodernism and trans modernism concepts. The philosophical allure of life extension and questions of immortality and transcendence are the center of much academic and cultural debate in this historical moment. As an emerging intellectual movement trans humanism addresses the human body and cognitive enhancements which are in these futuristic works. Everywhere we turn cognitive enhancements is a reality. Ethical concerns over artificial intelligence and the human body abounds. Can we replace every cell in the human body into a microchip? How do we remain human in spite of artificial intelligence inside of us? Can we become half-machine, half-human? Can we achieve immortality through transcendence of the material body? These questions can only be answered as we walk through the open door that technology extends to us.