Abundance of Consciousness

Luciana Boaventura

November 2019

This exhibition presents previously unseen works by painter, Luciana Boaventura.


Between watercolor and oleo, these landscapes evoke a repertoire of memories and the liquefied terrain of dreams brought to light.

For a painter, the importance of properly approaching the subject is vital. In a world full of influencing images, where painting displays the dichotomy between figurative and abstract, this decision is not always easy. By choosing organic landscapes as the central theme of her work, Boaventura has discarded realism and created dense paintings full of underlying meanings. The works in the exhibition use mixed media such as watercolors, teas, and florals. The subject develops organically as the artist is inspired by the forms, color, gesture, and invention with the mediums. Basic landscape elements (plants, flowers, sky, trees, water) are recognized in the works, and combined with the unusual use of color and light. The combinations bringing a metaphysical dimension to her work. These characteristics were inspired by masters such as Georgiana Houghton and Joan Mitchell.

A graduate in fashion design from the Faculdade Santa Marcelina University in São Paulo, Boaventura began her career first as a fashion designer, then as a painter. This was an extension of her interests in the history of art, painting exclusively. Boaventura approached contemporary painting through contact with many art workshops and painters, such as Paulo Pasta, with whom she worked in a studio for four years.

Luciana was a participant in the First Annual Art Throwdown Competition at Arts Warehouse in June 2019, where she won first place.